Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Being a mom is hard, any mom knows that. But I also think it totally normal for Mom to have slumps.  Sometimes I feel like I never write on my blog about myself unless I am in a slump. But it’s good for me to write about the downer times. But my life is not a big slump, it has a lot of ups which makes the slumps so….slumpy (sick of hearing that word yet?) I think the biggest thing weighing on my mind is finding a job. Oh so stressful. My heart just aches wishing Dan and I could figure out exactly what we want and get it! While we have both turned to our Heavenly Father for guidance, it’s not that easy! Dan finishes school in 4 months which is beyond exciting and more than just a little nerve racking! Dan doesn’t deserve the best, he has earned the best! He has gone to school for 9 ½ years and stayed at the top of his class without playing teacher’s pet or stomping on anyone in his way. Can you tell I am proud of Daniel? Than there is the issue of raising a family. Some days it fun, exhilarating and rewarding. Then there are the days that stink, the days where you are holding back everything you have so you don’t go all Ricky Lake on your sassy little two year old! The days when you clean up the same mess for the ten thousandth time, while the nasty toilets that you had nothing to do with are waiting in line for you to clean also. The days when your children expect everything from you in an instance but give you no sort of gratitude in return. You know, the days when you want to just sit in front of the TV and let the world fall apart around you and let the kids find their own lunch out of the cheez it box and wait til the hubby gets home to take over. It makes me think a lot about my testimony in the church, because I do rely on God a lot. Dan and I have had or heard of many friends that have fallen away from the church. We both agree that at our age it’s kind of a your in or your out sorta thing for religion. So it’s a prime time for people in their late 20’s early 30’s to fall away from the church. When I have these slumps I wonder why God is not keeping me happy. But to think about giving up on such an amazing friendship would be a tragedy. God has helped me plenty of times in the past, he has given me so much hope and love of this life. It reminds me to instill the love that I have for Heavenly Father into my children. It also reminds me that life is not perfect and sometimes we have slumps, some longer than others but if we stick it out with a long time friend we will get through it. Blah onto my photo over load of my kiddos that I love to death but drive me absolutely crazy!
 This one is my stinker! I try to remember that I thought life was over when her brother was the same age and I made it through!
 Kylee can almost always be found munching on something that is not edible! Kylee and I already made a pack to never turn 2, she will stay my sweet baby forever.
 Does she love her Dad???
 Or her mom better??? Momma just knows what she wants...
 My little man that started VPK. He has been making excuses for weeks, "Mom, I will do that when I get big and start school." Oh those days are over boy! You better come up with a better excuse than that to get out of cleaning your room!
 Hayden tries to keep it under raps, but you can tell he really enjoys reading princess books with his sister, he is always helping her pick a good princess book or movie. I look at it as a wonderful way to open his eyes to something other than trucks, trains and transformers that he is obsessed with.

 Long enough hair to actually do things with! I love this do because it actually stays past naptime.
 Notice the shirt under the dress, nothing but dresses phase.
 Hadley and I have matching eyes.
 Riding gators
 Smiley Ky
 OHHHHHhhhh boy...you want a good story? Well whatever you do don't head on over the JC Penny for free hair cuts for kids month! While things went fine with Hadley........
 ..things were not so fine with Hayden and his Russian hair cutter. She made him look like Jim Carry on dumb and dumber. He totally had a bowl cut! I asked her like 3 times "Not to short, blend it, blend it...........it that blending?" As she is "blending" it with a trimmers! I was horrified and finally said, "ok stop! Thats enough, we are done!" the Russian was shocked, "but I am not done, are you sure your done? Me "yes, we are done!" As we walked away I was so grateful that she hadn't butchered my daughters hair!  Hayden's hair was horrible and so short that it was hard to fix with out just buzzing it all off, but I blended it at home and it is growing back to look half normal!

 Trying to stay occupied on a raining day building forts and shooting bad guys that need to go to jail.
 Hadley and her buddy that she hardly seen lately! It is crazy how busy life gets with you add a kid! But they can go weeks without each other and hit it right off to where they left off. They were princess dancing, with Rapunzel and Belle.
 Late night beach run. We have not had enough of these lately and really needed the sand in out toes. Hadley's funny of the week. Had's "Mom! there is a bug in your house!" Me "oh, it's a fly, tell it to get out of here." Hads "Get outta here fly.........MOM, that fly not talking to me!"
 Can you believe he just turned 4! I need to upload the birthday photos! He seems so tall!
 I know I have mentioned this a million times before but if I left my house and got out of my car ANY where with these kids at least one person will ask me if they are twins! Every single time!
 This girl is not officially mobile yet. Some how she gets around on her tummy going in circles and backwards but she still gets around. I always say how'd you get there? But she is loving walking, she has to have both hands held and she will start booking it if she see's the right thing in her eye sight.
 Action shot, the Olympic's have sparked a flame!
 Pop eye!
 Crazy Dad.
 summer saults, look at that form!
 I love dressing the girls up matching. I hated it when my mom did it, but I will torture my kids until they won't let me anymore.
 Baby in a bucket?
 First day of School, eating his "toaster" and cereal
 That beaming big boy face. He loved it, and I loved it! Yes I cried. My baby is no more sheltered from the world! But he is happy and Hadley is happy to have mommy alone! I will still keep him sheltered at home, and pray to know what to say if he starts asking me about so and so that has two mommies!


Nicole said...

Oh, I love you Holly. I think we all go through those slumps. Only having one, I don't know how you do it with three. Pretty sure I'll go insane when I get to the stage you are experiencing. You express yourself so eloquently. Love reading about your life and faith. *

Zac and Chelese said...

Hey Holly, I love all the pics your family looks so fun!! I totally hear you about how hard it is to be a mommy, but yet it is so rewarding. Now just having my fourth I am pretty sure I am going to need some medication soon : ) Love ya girl!! Miss ya tons!!
P.S. Tell Daniel we are so proud of him, I can't believe he is almost all the way done, that is SO AWESOME!! Seems like just yesterday you were living in Logan starting the school adventure

Amee Campbell said...

Holly, thanks for writing that. I am so nervous to add a 2nd baby to our crazy lives. You are amazing though and I loved reading this post!

J.R. and Meg +3 said...

It has been forever...your kids are getting so big!! They are darling! Good luck on the job hunt.

Jess said...

Holy freakin' update! Through the whole thing I just kept wishing I was still there so we could vent to eachother how crazy our kids drive us but we love them anyway and how Hadley's hairdo is totally my favorite for the same reason and how obvious it is that our two oldest are NOT twins and we don't know how people could think they are and last but not least...how fun it is dressing our girls in matching outfits! One of the pirks of having 2 girls close in age is that you can find the same outfit in both their sizes!

I get everything you are feeling %100. The slump will be overcome. It always is.

Derek and Ceri Steele said...

Love this post Holly.

Derek and Ceri Steele said...

Love this post Holly